The Pathfinder Beta Test of Interface Zero is now available!

Gun Metal Games is pleased to announce the release of our playtest document for the Pathfinder rules conversion of Interface Zero 2.0. In this free download you will find everything you need to run full metal cyberpunk scenarios for four to five players, including our new combat and hacking rules. There are several scenarios for […]

June 1 update: health issues, editing, posters.

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d get you a quick update. My physical pain is such that it’s been very hard to work. I have an appointment on June 8th with a Rheumatologist to see what’s going on with all of my joint pain, and something else… I had a stress test done on my […]

Kickstarter cancelled

Sadly, on Tuesday I decided to cancel the Codex Infernus Kickstarter. There just doesn’t seem to be enough interest in the subject matter, and, while I set a very realistic (perhaps too conservative) funding goal to meet my financial needs, I think the high dollar amount is a turn-off for many people. I’ll revisit the […]