June 1 update: health issues, editing, posters.

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d get you a quick update. My physical pain is such that it’s been very hard to work. I have an appointment on June 8th with a Rheumatologist to see what’s going on with all of my joint pain, and something else… I had a stress test done on my […]

Kickstarter cancelled

Sadly, on Tuesday I decided to cancel the Codex Infernus Kickstarter. There just doesn’t seem to be enough interest in the subject matter, and, while I set a very realistic (perhaps too conservative) funding goal to meet my financial needs, I think the high dollar amount is a turn-off for many people. I’ll revisit the […]

Codex Infernus is over 7000 dollars!

Hi everyone! So some time last night, we went over 7 grand on the codex Infernus kickstarter! I’ve posted an update with a couple of cool announcements. Check it out here! Update #5

The Codex Infernus Kickstarter is Live!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to annoucne the kickstarter for Codex Infernus is live! We’re already at over 4,100.00 and are 19% funded, but we need your help! Please check it out and spread the word!   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/821979583/codex-infernus-the-savage-guide-to-hell/description